Version 5G internet technology and its Affects

What Is 5G? An Overview of 5G Technical Parameters Advantages And Disadvantages Of 5G Compared To Older Generations Of Wireless Communication Systems Fifth Generation Cellular Network Technology, or 5G, is an emerging standard developed and deployed for digital communications over…

The Future Networking 5G and 6G


Introduction The Future Networking 5G and 6G: 5G, Wireless, Compatibility with your mobile The 5G and 6G technology has been released by the telecom companies. You can get a new smartphone for better internet connection. The 5G is in its…

Extended Reality: The Future Real Visualization

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Extended Reality (XR) can be seen as a superset encapsulating all the computer generated graphics such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). These are virtual environments for an advanced human computer interaction. Extended reality takes us from real world to an entire virtual world. Extended reality is a rapid growing field due to the continuous developments in human computer interactions