Write and execute a C++ program to implement the complex number class
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Problem Statement

Write and execute a C++ program to implement the complex number class.


Here’s an algorithm for a C++ class to implement complex numbers:

  1. Start by defining the class structure with its data members to store the real and imaginary parts of the complex number.
  2. Define a constructor to initialize the real and imaginary parts of the complex number. You can use default arguments to initialize the real and imaginary parts to zero, in case the user does not provide any values.
  3. Overload the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ operators to perform addition and subtraction of two complex numbers.
  4. Overload the ‘*’ operator to perform multiplication of two complex numbers.
  5. Overload the ‘/’ operator to perform division of two complex numbers.
  6. Implement a method to calculate the magnitude of the complex number.
  7. Implement a method to calculate the phase of the complex number, if necessary.
  8. Implement a method to display the complex number in the format “a + bi”, where “a” is the real part and “bi” is the imaginary part.
  9. Test the implementation by creating objects of the class and performing operations on them, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Code Implementation Method-1


using namespace std;


class Complex {



                        int real, imaginary;


            Complex(int tempReal = 0, int tempImaginary = 0)


                        real = tempReal;

                        imaginary = tempImaginary;



            Complex addComp(Complex C1, Complex C2)



                        Complex temp;


                        temp.real = C1.real + C2.real;


                        temp.imaginary = C1.imaginary + C2.imaginary;


                        return temp;




// Main Class

int main()



            Complex C1(3, 2);


            cout<<"Complex number 1 : "<< C1.real

                                                << " + i"<< C1.imaginary<<endl;


            Complex C2(9, 5);


            cout<<"Complex number 2 : "<< C2.real

                                                << " + i"<< C2.imaginary<<endl;


            Complex C3;


            C3 = C3.addComp(C1, C2);


            cout<<"Sum of complex number : "

                                                            << C3.real << " + i"

                                                            << C3.imaginary;


Code Implementation Method-2

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>

class Complex {
        double real, imag;

        Complex(double real = 0, double imag = 0) : real(real), imag(imag) {}

        Complex operator+(const Complex &other) const {
            return Complex(real + other.real, imag + other.imag);

        Complex operator-(const Complex &other) const {
            return Complex(real - other.real, imag - other.imag);

        Complex operator*(const Complex &other) const {
            return Complex(real * other.real - imag * other.imag, real * other.imag + imag * other.real);

        Complex operator/(const Complex &other) const {
            double denominator = other.real * other.real + other.imag * other.imag;
            return Complex((real * other.real + imag * other.imag) / denominator, (imag * other.real - real * other.imag) / denominator);

        double magnitude() const {
            return sqrt(real * real + imag * imag);

        double phase() const {
            return atan2(imag, real);

        void display() const {
            std::cout << real << " + " << imag << "i" << std::endl;

int main() {
    Complex a(1, 2), b(3, 4), c;

    c = a + b;
    std::cout << "Addition: ";

    c = a - b;
    std::cout << "Subtraction: ";

    c = a * b;
    std::cout << "Multiplication: ";

    c = a / b;
    std::cout << "Division: ";

    return 0;

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